Taraz Drag

Join us on a journey to explore a mythical, magical place. Performance artist Babken Sakanyan has created fascinating drag creatures and a world called Bugistan, with it’s own language of Bugilish.

Entanik: Before we take off for Bugistan, I wanted to share a bit about your background.

Babken: I was…

Private Body, Public Rules

In vibrant red threads on hanging sheets, clothes, and even pads, Zepure explores the shame and public rules that regulate a woman’s body. Zepure is a queer, interdisciplinary artist based in Yerevan. Their work often has a dreamlike quality while speaking to serious issues. …

Self portrait

Sergei Parajanov, Queer Icon and Polymath Artist

Sergei Parajanov (1924–1990) is one of the most famous Armenian filmmakers and queer icons. Parajanov made films showcasing cultures from around the Soviet Union, including Ukranian, Armenian, Georgian, and Azerbaijani stories and symbols.

Parajanov was bisexual, and imprisoned for it, and the subversive…

NAFS.SPACE is a unique platform to promote queer artists. Their mission is to create an online safe space for the SWANA queer community to explore and showcase their talent, allowing others to see and buy their creations. NAFS.SPACE’s …


Ընտանիք/Entanik is a chosen family of queer Armenians, other SWANA folks, and allies dedicated to coming together in inclusive unity.

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